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How to Plan a Family Reunion at Hilton Worldwide Group Hotels

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Hilton Worldwide Group hotels are perfect for an unforgettable family reunion involving your loved ones. They have numerous properties in America; therefore, they are a perfect place to create memories with your family.

Choosing the right location and planning activities are what makes a good reunion. This guide will help you with all that. It will make your family reunion memorable.

Have you planned for a weekend or week-long celebration? Hilton Worldwide Group hotels offer excellent accommodation facilities as well as meeting rooms. For a trendy family meeting, Hilton is the best option one can make.

Choosing the Perfect Hilton Worldwide Group Hotel

Planning a family reunion? Picking the right Hilton Worldwide Group hotel is key. The hotel’s location and amenities can make your event unforgettable.

The hotel’s location is crucial. You need a spot that’s easy for everyone to get to. Look for hotels near airports, with good public transport, and close to fun places.

The Hilton Garden Inn Chicago Downtown/Magnificent Mile is a great choice. It’s in the heart of Chicago, near the famous Magnificent Mile and Navy Pier. Guests can easily check out the city’s best spots.

Choose a hotel that meets everyone’s needs. Look for places with pools, playgrounds for kids, and fitness centers for adults.

  • The Hilton Sandestin Beach Golf Resort & Spa in Florida is perfect for families. It has a lazy river, pools, a kids’ club, and lots of food choices.
  • The Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach Resort in Hawaii offers a tropical getaway. It has beautiful beaches, gardens, and activities for all ages.

Think about the hotel’s location and what it offers. This way, your family reunion will be fun for everyone.

Budgeting for Your Family Reunion

Planning a family reunion at a Hilton Worldwide Group hotel means making a realistic budget. It’s important to think about all costs, like rooms, food, activities, and extra services. This way, you can have a successful and fun event.

First, look into Hilton’s group rates and special deals for family reunions. These can help you save money. Also, consider combining services like room blocks and catering for discounts.

Expense Estimated Cost
Accommodations (room blocks) $150 – $300 per night, per room
Meals (catering or on-site dining) $25 – $50 per person, per meal
Activities and Events $10 – $50 per person, per activity
Additional Services (transportation, AV equipment, etc.) Varies based on needs

Make a detailed budget to cover all costs. This way, your Hilton Worldwide Group family reunion will be fun and affordable. Being flexible and creative helps you get the most out of your budget.

“Budgeting for a family reunion at a Hilton Worldwide Group hotel is about finding the right balance between creating an unforgettable experience and staying on track financially.” – Family Reunion Planning Advisor

With careful planning and budgeting, you can have a memorable family reunion at a Hilton Worldwide Group hotel. Everyone will remember it for years.

Hilton Worldwide Group’s Family Reunion Packages

The group is part of Hilton Worldwide, an international hotel company that operates some of the world’s top brands. You can select a number of family reunion packages from them. Whether you are planning for a small or big event, they got you sorted.

These packages from Hilton let you make your event just like how you would want it for your group. Some of these include reduced room rates, meals customized to suit different tastes and preferences as well as special access to swimming pools, fitness centers and meeting rooms. From transportation to activities suitable for all age groups this information will be helpful in making sure that everything goes according to plan.

Hilton Worldwide Group understands the need to save money for family reunions. They offer discounts on their services which can help cut costs even further. Use discounted rates for groups, promotions and rewards points through our loyalty program so as not only to save but also create memorable experiences during your stay together in one roof with your relatives.

Package Feature Hilton Worldwide Group Offering
Room Rates Discounted group rates
Catering Customizable menu options for diverse dietary needs
Amenities Exclusive access to on-site facilities and activities
Loyalty Program Earn points and redeem rewards for future stays

With Hilton Worldwide Group’s family reunion packages, you can make a special event for your family. Enjoy personalized touches and great value. Celebrate your family’s bond in a Hilton hotel’s comfort and convenience.

Coordinating Activities and Events

Planning a family reunion at a Hilton Worldwide Group hotel means finding fun activities and events. These hotels offer great entertainment options to make your reunion memorable. They have everything to keep your guests happy and create memories that last.

Hilton Worldwide Group hotels have activities for all ages at your family reunion. They have game rooms with arcade games and video consoles. There are also movie screenings and themed parties for everyone.

Think about having a family game night in the hotel’s game room. You can challenge your cousins to a game. Or, watch a family movie in the hotel’s theater together. For a fun party, the hotel can set up a theme that matches your family’s style and traditions.

On-Site Entertainment Options Description
Game Rooms Equipped with classic arcade games, video game consoles, and table games like foosball and air hockey.
Movie Screenings Enjoy private movie screenings of family-friendly films in the hotel’s theater.
Themed Parties Hilton Worldwide Group can help you plan and execute a themed celebration that reflects your family’s culture and traditions.

Using the entertainment options at your Hilton Worldwide Group hotel makes your family reunion unforgettable.

Keeping the Kids Entertained

At Hilton Worldwide Group hotels, child-friendliness is at the heart of family reunions. They know that cheerful children mean a good time for all. As such, they provide fun activities and services exclusively for children in your family’s reunion.

One good thing is provision of supervised childcare. Trained personnel take care of children at one safe place. Here kids can do arts and crafts, play games and even learn some new things.

However, there is more fun to be had elsewhere. Kids can find plenty to do at Hilton hotels. The facilities include big playgrounds, gaming rooms, and even swimming pools with water slides. These waters provide an opportunity for you to make splendid memories.

Hilton hotels also organize special workshops for kids who are interested in learning something new during their stay here. They may engage in treasure hunts or carry out scientific experiments. This makes it enjoyable teaching them on such occasions as your family reunion.

When choosing a hotel from the Hilton Worldwide Group collection, you will certainly not regret this decision as far as your kids are concerned. They will have a great number of activities and educational chances prepared especially for them. Your family reunion will remain evergreen in the minds of young ones regardless of their ages

Accommodating Dietary Restrictions

Planning a family reunion at a Hilton Worldwide Group hotel means making sure everyone gets to eat well. They know how important it is to offer meals that fit everyone’s needs and likes. This includes those with special diets or food allergies.

Working with the hotel staff is key to a great dining experience at your reunion. The Hilton Worldwide Group’s chefs are experts at making food for all kinds of diets. This includes vegan, gluten-free, kosher, and halal options.

  • Tell the hotel about your group’s food needs early. List any allergies or special diets.
  • Help the hotel’s catering team make menus that everyone can enjoy.
  • Make sure there are separate areas for preparing and serving food to avoid mixing ingredients.
  • Ask if the hotel can use different ingredients or substitutes for certain dishes.
  • Make sure all food is labeled so guests know what they can eat.

With the Hilton Worldwide Group’s help, you can be sure your family’s food needs are covered. Everyone can enjoy their meals without worry during the reunion.

Dietary Restriction Hilton Worldwide Group Solutions
Vegetarian Varied plant-based options, including appetizers, main dishes, and desserts
Gluten-free Gluten-free bread, pasta, and baked goods; dedicated preparation areas
Kosher Kosher-certified menu items, separate kitchen facilities, and Rabbinical supervision
Halal Halal-certified meats, designated cooking areas, and compliance with Islamic dietary laws
Lactose-intolerant Dairy-free milk alternatives, lactose-free dairy products, and lactose-free menu options

“The Hilton Worldwide Group’s commitment to accommodating dietary restrictions ensures that every guest, regardless of their needs, can fully savor the culinary experience during their family reunion.”

Hilton Worldwide Group

Creating Memorable Moments

At Hilton Worldwide Group hotels, making your family reunion unforgettable is key. It’s all about creating special moments that your loved ones will remember for years. From fun family game nights to themed parties, there are endless ways to make memories.

Want a family reunion your guests will always talk about? Try these unique ideas:

  • Family Talent Show – Let your relatives show off their hidden talents. It could be singing, dancing, or even stand-up comedy. It’s a fun way to celebrate your family’s diverse skills and interests.
  • Themed Photo Booth – Create a photo booth with fun props and backdrops that match your reunion’s theme. Encourage guests to dress up and take memorable photos.
  • Scavenger Hunt – Plan a scavenger hunt around the Hilton Worldwide Group hotel. Include clues and challenges that highlight the hotel’s unique features and amenities.
  • Family Olympics – Friendly competition can bring families closer. Host events like relay races, tug-of-war, or a family karaoke contest for some fun competition.

With these engaging activities, your Hilton Worldwide Group family reunion will be an unforgettable event. Your loved ones will leave with cherished memories to last a lifetime.

“The best thing about family reunions is that they remind us of how important our loved ones are and how much they mean to us.”

Hilton Worldwide Group’s Family Reunion Planning Services

Planning a family reunion can feel overwhelming, but Hilton Worldwide Group can help. They offer a full service for planning, so you can enjoy time with your family. Their team is ready to take care of all the details.

The Hilton team is made up of experts in planning events. They will book your stay and plan activities for you. No matter the size of your reunion, they make sure it goes smoothly.

  • Customized venue selection and reservation
  • Tailored catering and dining options
  • Curated on-site entertainment and activities
  • Dedicated event coordinator to oversee every detail
  • Exclusive discounts and packages for Hilton Worldwide Group guests

Using Hilton Worldwide Group’s family reunion planning services means you don’t have to worry about the details. You can just enjoy being with your family. They listen to what you want and make sure your reunion is unforgettable and easy.

“The Hilton Worldwide Group team made planning our family reunion a breeze. Their attention to detail and personalized service allowed us to focus on creating lasting memories with our loved ones.”

For any family gathering, big or small, trust Hilton Worldwide Group to make it special. Let them help you make your family reunion unforgettable with their top-notch planning services.

Capturing Cherished Memories

When leaving your family reunion at a Hilton Worldwide Group hotel, be sure to save these memorable times. Whether you are a professional photographer or beginner, here are some suggestions that will help you get the best out of the day.

Express your sense of humor through shots capturing the laughter, smiles, and other emotions. Leverage on the hotel’s magnificent backdrops for this activity. Experiment with various angles and perspectives in order to obtain the best pictures. The greatest photos often result from unexpected moments; thus, always ensure that your camera is fully charged.

For those who enjoy movies, make it different by shooting captivating scenes along with rich content for your family reunion video. Film all the fun activities done together as a group, intimate moments between relatives and idiosyncrasies that define your gathering. After cutting out what is unnecessary in this film production process, you will end up with something which anyone would like to see over and over again.


What are the key factors to consider when choosing a Hilton Worldwide Group hotel for a family reunion?

Choosing a Hilton Worldwide Group hotel for your family reunion is important. Look for a hotel that’s easy to get to and has lots of activities. This way, everyone in the family can have fun.

How can I create a realistic budget for my family reunion at a Hilton Worldwide Group hotel?

Creating a budget is key for a great family reunion. Include costs for rooms, food, activities, and any extra services you want. Check out Hilton’s group rates and special deals to save money.

What kind of customizable family reunion packages does Hilton Worldwide Group offer?

Hilton Worldwide Group has family reunion packages that you can customize. These might include lower room rates, catered meals, and special access to hotel amenities. Use Hilton’s discounts to make your budget go further.

How can I keep the kids entertained during the family reunion at a Hilton Worldwide Group hotel?

Hilton Worldwide Group hotels have lots of fun activities for kids. They offer supervised childcare, games, and workshops for different ages. Make sure the kids have a great time with these options.

How can I accommodate guests with dietary restrictions during the family reunion?

Working with the Hilton Worldwide Group hotel staff is important for guests with special diets. Talk to them to make sure everyone gets food they can eat. This way, everyone can enjoy tasty meals.

What tips can you provide for capturing cherished memories during the family reunion?

To keep the memories of your family reunion, use photography and videography. Follow some tips to get beautiful photos and videos to look back on.